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      · Li Feng attends 22nd INTOSAI WGEA Assembly [2024-02-04]
      · Hou Kai meets with President of General Court of Audit of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia [2024-01-26]
      · National Audit Work Conference held in Beijing [2024-01-23]
      · Share your views on 2024 China’s government work report [2023-12-13]
      · Seminar of the SAIs of Shanghai Cooperation Organization on Environmental Audit held in China [2023-12-07]
      · Hou Kai chairs session of UN Board of Auditors [2023-12-07]
      · Zhang Ke meets with the delegation of Turkish Court of Accounts [2023-11-07]
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      Audit Procedures
      CNAO’s Major Achievements in Government Auditing
      The Role of CNAO in International Audit Arena
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